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MomToBe 100% Cotton & HQ Fiber C-shape Maternity Pillow (Red)

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Total Body Support for Pregnancy, Aches and Body Support

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MomToBe Maternity Pillow (Cotton)


  • Supports your neck, back, hips and stomach throughout pregnancy. 
  • Helps you to lie on your left side without rolling over. 
  • Unique single c-shape offers many comfortable positions and replaces multiple pillows.    
  • Raises your upper body to ease acidity and help breathing. 
  • Removable washable cover. 
  • Can be used post-delivery as feeding pillow as well.


Product Details 

  • Total Body Support for Pregnancy, Aches and Body Support. 
  • Ultra soft, Hypoallergenic, Non Reflexive MomToBe Near Down Conjugated Microfiber Pillow. 
  • Includes Detachable Zippered Pillow Cover 
  • Dimensions: 90 in X 9 in X 40 inches




MomToBe Maternity Pillow: C shaped pillows are used for pregnancy support, baby feeding & besides that it can also be used for backaches, joint aches, leg support, reading support etc. It provides the best comfort during pregnancy. This pillow is filled with High Quality Conjugated Micro Fiber which is hypoallergenic, non-reflexive and null pressure ideal for best body comfort during pregnancy, day to day use, ailments, pressure. Hypoallergenic fibers keep away allergies, sneezing etc. That result from other fillings like unprocessed animal filling and polyester fiber. The unique null pressure fiber does not exert any harmful air pressure from under and hence is very safe to use during pregnancy. advantages: using maternity pillow is beneficial for preventing discomforts during sleep. The c shaped pillow are custom designed to support your whole body. Its lower end comes in between your legs to provide them assistance, while the middle end goes around your back to help the vertebrae. This relieves pressure from your spine, which usually aches due to the baby weight you hold on the belly. The top end of the pillow can be placed under your head to help your neck and shoulders. In addition to this, it will also relieve you from heart burn and improve blood circulation in legs. Experts are of the opinion that using a maternity pillow also helps baby move properly during labour. Product details: total body support for pregnancy, aches and body support: ultra-soft, hypoallergenic, non-reflexive MomToBe HQ conjugated microfiber pillow: includes detachable zippered pillow cover. Please note: In most cases this product is dispatched on the same or next day of confirmed order. We use quality material to ensure durability of the product. We also provide personalisation to the product such as Dimensions, Firmness etc upon buyer request. We request you to please contact us on 07045647870 or 022 32666223 for making any such requests.

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Dimensions 228 x 102 x 22 cm