Breast care during and after pregnancy

Important tips for proper breast care during and after pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when another life entirely depends on you and your body experiences many changes. Your breasts will also experience physical changes during and after the pregnancy. Your breasts undergo many changes as early as one or two weeks after conception. For many women, having breast pain is the first sign they’ve gotten […]

maternity panties

Maternity Panties: What are They and Why do You Need Them?

You will probably get away with using your regular or low-cut underwear as you go through the first months of pregnancy. Some even get by their entire pregnancy without buying maternity panties—but with many compromises on their comfort. Even when your regular undies still feel like they fit around your growing bump, there are reasons […]

Maternity Fashion: Useful Tips from Style Experts

Maternity Fashion: Useful Tips from Style Experts

When you are pregnant, finding good outfit pairings can be extra difficult not only because of the extra weight you need to carry, but also the extra curves that come with a changing maternity figure. The body goes through constant changes. As such, it can be difficult to know which of your clothes will fit […]

Reasons Why You Should Use a Pregnancy Pillow During Pregnancy

6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy is just as challenging as it is exciting. The entire nine months of development demands a great deal of diligence and focus; a mother-to-be has to ensure that the human that’s growing inside her is safe and healthy. But while pregnancy is about keeping baby in the best state for growth and development, expectant […]

Stylish Maternity Dresses for Working Women

5 Stylish Maternity Wear Options for Working Moms-to-Be

If you are like most new moms, you are probably thinking twice about investing in maternity clothes, believing they are nothing but a waste of pregnancy funds that you can use for something “more important.” But experienced moms-to-be take do the opposite—they invest in really good maternity dresses India because they know how important these clothes […]

when to buy maternity pants

When to Buy Maternity Pants: Tips for Dressing Your Bump

It’s never too early to think about buying maternity clothes. Don’t make the mistake of skimping on maternity clothing.  It’s true that you have to save your funds for all the things you need to welcome a new baby—but there is also real value in ensuring your comfort through the right pieces of clothing during […]

maternity dresses for photoshoot

Five Tips on How to Dress for Your Baby Shower

Baby showers are always an exciting time, especially for new moms. Besides celebrating your pregnancy with your nearest and dearest, another great thing to look forward to is the chance to show off your baby bump in the most body-flattering way. Your choice of a maternity dress for photography or maternity gowns should probably be […]