Most important, for your own peace of mind! You will be otherwise uncomfortable in a thousand ways during pregnancy. At least your pregnant apparel should make you feel at peace. During the first trimester of your pregnancy you will have regular morning sickness and nausea. There will be some indigestion too. In that case its better to avoid tight trousers or dresses that are tight around the waist which will make your unsettled stomach wrestle even more. Many women complain about feeling hot during pregnancy. Your hormones are on a roller coaster ride now so you will sweat and feel exasperated with heat. So wearing clothes that are too tight or of a material that makes you feel hotter will only aggravate the situation. With right clothes you can avoid this and keep feeling woow!! You will eventual start putting on weight from the second trimester. To accommodate your expanding figure you need the best maternity clothes that will clothe you till the end of your third trimester.


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