MomToBe U-Shape Maternity Pillow with 100% Cotton Cover and Zippered Cover


  • U-shaped Pregnancy pillow has two contoured ‘legs’ designed by doctors to help good resting for pregnant women.
  • Speciality of U shape pillow is to keeps your head, neck, shoulders and hips aligned for proper joint positioning
  • The U-Pillow helps you to lie on your left side (as recommended by doctors) without rolling over onto your back or tummy.
  • Fluffy and light weight with Zero pressure, So this makes it totally safe for pregnant ladies and the pillow also retains its own shape over time of use.
  • Post pregnancy, it can also be used as a baby feeding pillow, sitting support pillow, pillow to protect baby in’ bed. Anyone in the family can enjoy its comfort for lounging, reading, leg support, TV watching, etc